Thursday, November 06, 2014

Zippy Benchmarks

I think what you can mostly see here is that the game was not productive on either side for the offense.  Neither team did a great job with yards per play.  Neither team did much on 3rd down.  Overall, it was a defense-oriented contest.

BG out-performed in one area (the obvious one), which is getting +4 on the turnovers. Less obvious is the red zone.  BG picked up two outright red zone stops in the game....and those two things were really the difference in the game.

And, for the only time this year, the opponent ran faster plays than BG did.  In fact, BG actually won the time of possession battle, which might also have been a first.

One last note.  While the defense has been playing better and better, I think it is safe to say that the offense is continuing to struggle.  BG did run the ball effectively with the running backs but had a lot of trouble getting much production out of the passing game.  If Travis Greene is injured for any period of time, that just makes the job tougher and then even tougher again if Coppet is injured.

I hope it doesn't matter that much against Kent, but it could make a difference against Toledo, where you'd like to be able to exploit the defense a little bit.  Anyway, huge win for BG, largely carried by the defense...still waiting to see us find some way to move the ball consistently, which we will need in order to go from being the best team in the weak East to a team with a legit shot at a title.

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