Saturday, November 29, 2014

Titan Preview

The Falcons face a very interesting test on Sunday when they travel to venerable Calihan Hall on the campus of the University of Detroit-Mercy.  UDM is a consistently solid basketball team that we are now playing for the 8th straight year.  BG has won the last 3 and 5 of the last 7 with both losses coming at Calihan.

The Titans added to the intrigue by heading into Savage Hall and snapping UT's home winning streak last week.  As we tip toe through the early season trying to figure out what we have, this game will be a good data point.

Detroit is led by Juwan Howard, Jr.  He's a really good player.  Remember, he started at WMU and then went to Detroit.  He is averaging 19.7 PPG in only 28 minutes, which is really pretty good.  Now, he has taken 41% of their shots which is 2nd in the nation right now, so those points are coming at some cost to his team.  He is shooting 38% overall and 33% from 3.  He has made 94% of his free throws--33 of 35.  He also in second on the team with 5.3 RPG.

6'5" F Anton Wilson is scoring 12 PPG on 58% shooting (and 50% from 3FG) and super freshman Paris Bass is scoring 11 PPG on 47% shooting and leading the team with 5.5 RPG.

When comparing the two teams statistically, it is important to look at schedules.  We know who BG was played, but Detroit has played Oregon, Michigan and Toledo....and Rochester, Maryland-Eastern Shore and South Alabama.  So, while the numbers are relatively even, Detroit has played 3 top flight teams...and three less than top flight teams.

The Titans have been playing at a pretty normal 65 possessions per game.  They have been scoring 1.02 points per possession, which is pretty average and allowing .95 with is above average but certainly not a shutdown number.

As you can see here, the teams are pretty evenly matched on the offensive end.  Detroit is a pretty good shooting team, takes care of the ball well, is not great on the offensive boards and gets to the line about as much as BG does, though they shoot FTs. slightly better.  Their 3FG% is slightly worse than BG's.

Looking at defense, the Titans defend the shot pretty well at 43% and 31%.  They force turnovers on 24% of possessions, which is just slightly less than BG has.  They do foul a lot, at 20 stats per game as opposed to 15 fouls per game for BG.

On the road, I'd say we are clear but close underdogs.  This is a good won't answer all the questions, but it is a good test for the boys.

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