Sunday, November 09, 2014

Kent State QB Controversy--Update

UPDATE: Strock will start, Reardon will play.

As the Kent game approaches, BG is facing a team with turmoil at the QB position.  Since last year, Colin Reardon has been the Kent starter.  He has certainly been struggling this year.  He was not in the Top Ten in the MAC for pass efficiency (107).  He has 55% compeltion percentage, 9 TDs over 11 INT and 10.7 yards per completion, none of which are stellar numbers.  Obviously, it has been a long slog for him this year.

In the UT game he was 10/23 for a pick and no offensive points when Coach Paul Haynes signaled the bullpen and brought in R-FR Nathan Strock.  For you old-timers, Strock is the nephew of the famous NFL Don Strock (in fact, Strock was famous for being a backup for the Dolphins and he rallied the Dolphins back to force OT in Kellen-Winslow game, and you could say that Nathan Strock has backup QBing in his genes...but I digress)...Nathan was a 3-star recruit and all-District out of Tri-Valley HS, which is in the Coshocton/Zanesville metroplex.  

Stock wasn't great numerically...he was 9/18 for 67 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT...but the reports are that he gave them a lift and they scored all 20 points under his tutelage.

The local paper is now saying that the QB position is an "open competition," which is never something that puts people at ease.  So, we'll see who shows up Wednesday...either way, on the good thing/bad thing scale, this is a good thing for BG.  Strock might be a breath fresh air, but if he is clearly better than Reardon, he would have been in there already.

One last note.  How long ago was it that Kent was challenging for a BCS bowl?  Yeah, things can change very fast.

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