Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sweet Victory #6: Falcon Defensive Standouts

It was a big performance on defense for our Falcons.  Yes, Akron was not good on offense...but BG's defense took full advantage, not only keeping them from making significant yardage, but also by creating 5 turnovers that set the offense up for nearly all its points.  The defense showed playmaking and BIG playmaking.

How about true Freshman Nick Johnson, with 2 INTs and 3 breakups?  And 9 tackles!

How about Taylor Royster with 2 fumble recoveries and one for the game's first TD.

Or, how about true freshman Clint Stephens with an acrobatic INT in the 4th Quarter to seal the deal?  Oh, and 2 break ups.

How Ryland Ward with 10 tackles and 2 break ups?

How about Jude Adjei-Barimah with 10 tackles, a forced fumble and a breakup?

How about Bryan Thomas with 2 TFL and a forced fumble?

Kendall Montgomery had a sack.

It goes on.  Martin and Lynch made contributions...James Sanford.  

BG's defense was clearly the force in this win...let's bring it again vs. Kent, get this whole thing locked down and then see what we can do against the Rockets at the Glass Bowl.

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