Saturday, November 08, 2014

Babers Presser--and a couple of other notes

Watched Coach's presser yesterday...not much of substance was talked about.  He isn't used to the weekday games but the players are, so its OK.  The conditions were a challenge on Tuesday which is why BG switched to a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" approach.  He actually found it challenging to try and figure out how to move the ball in those conditions.

He was typically cagey when talking about Travis Greene.  Coach doesn't like to talk about the status of injured we will have to wait and see what the results are.

The final issue is that he was pretty clear--the team wants to close the East out Wednesday against Kent and lock it down and be able to "relax" in the last two games and get ready for the title game.  I think you'd have to agree with that sentiment.  It would be a great feeling to have it in the pocket.

Two other notes from me.

It is going to be COLD at the Doyt Wednesday.  The whole polar thing is starting again and it could easily be in the 20s by kickoff.  With history in mind, I'd expect a small crowd and would recommend we get rid of our assigned seats and huddle in a clump for warmth.

Second, as it relates to the East, BG clinches with a win, but also clinches if Akron, UMass and OU each lose once more this year.  Akron and UMass actually play, so that's one of them.  OU finishes with NIU and Miami, so there's easily a loss there.  Beyond UMass, Akron has Buffalo and Kent...and beyond Akron, UMass has Ball State and Buffalo.  Just a note that BG is really in a commanding position in the East.

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