Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Falcons Lose Again....

It was an opera of a football game.  Reversals of fortune, miracle plays, surprise actors upon the stage.  A great football game.  Much as we hate them, give UT credit.  They were the better team.  Congrats.  A 5th straight loss...stinging.

Honestly, that was a great football game.  BG simply cannot beat a team like UT without more offensive production.  Callaway kept things alive, but in the end the line couldn't protect him.  BG had opportunities that they failed to cash in on throughout the game.  This one is 100% on the offense, and not just on the starting QB but I think there was a lack of execution from beginning to end.

Remember, UT won with their #2 and #4 QBs in the game.

The sun will come up tomorrow.

More later.

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NWLB said...

Toledo lost to NIU for the 5th time in a row, and that will most likely keep them out of the title game. However since the MAC went to divisions I've felt they give a sense of false accomplishment. As I tweeted, BG is maybe the 4th best team in the MAC and then only because Akron and UB died under the weight of injuries and bad luck. If BG had Johnson at QB? Maybe. I think Knapke's initial surge under the pressure of the change has ended. Worse, I think some of the offense has simply regressed. The defense seems better but honestly I'm not sold.

Whatever the reason, coaching, injuries, the Falcons aren't really a "great" team. They hardly count as "good" save for even worse competition padding their wins.

Can they win the MAC? Ironically yes, given that any of the three teams they might play in Detroit are fully of their own issues. Yet I wouldn't favor BG against any of them. There are no signs that this staff or the team itself can elevate past the same-old-same-old.