Saturday, November 08, 2014

Falcons Christen Season with Exhibition Win

BG picked up an exhibition win over Notre Dame College yesterday at the Stroh to begin the Jans era at BG.  It is hard to tell much from games like this, but it you were expecting to see an Urban Meyer-like immediate turnaround, we certainly did not see that.  Of course, that's a completely unfair thing to expect...the real expectation is that it is going to take time and be a process.  At least Friday, we saw things that were pretty familiar.

  • BG did win by 24.  However, the game was within striking distance far longer than you would like to see...with just under 13 minutes left the lead was only 9.  From there BG went on a 30-15 run to close the game out and get the win.
  • BG shot 48% overall, but 32% from 3FG.
  • BG turned the ball over 19 times (24%)
  • Richaun Holmes had 4 fouls in 16 minutes and Spencer Parker had 4 fouls in 13 minutes.
  • BG Shot 65% from the line.
One thing you did see that was different was pace.  BG had 79 possessions, and normally played in the mid-60s before.  Coach Jans had talked about getting the ball up court after a hoop, and there is certainly evidence that happened.  

BG did dominate the offensive boards.  They picked up 45% of their available boards.

BG's leading scorer was Pep Joseph who scored 14 on 5-7 shooting in 16 minutes.  Jehvon Clarke had 12 points on 5-7 shooting in 18 minutes off the bench.  Delvin Dickerson and Demarkeo Lyshe each added 10.  BG played everybody and Anthony Henderson led the team with 23 minutes.  On the other end of the equation, JD Tisdale played 6 minutes and Rasheed Worrell 7, though he had 3 ORebs in that time.

And so now we wait.  The teams travels to Des Moines to play Drake on Saturday and we will start to see how this shakes out against D1 competition.

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