Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable

1) Black Friday looks to be not only a day of super low prices, but also the West shaking itself out between NIU, WMU, and Toledo. Does Western Michigan spring the upset and hope like hell Eastern stuns Toledo for PJ Fleck to row to Ford Field? Does NIU once again exert their dominance? WHAT HAPPENS?!?

I'm calling WMU to beat NIU.  The game is in K-zoo and the Broncos might very well be the best team in the conference right now, which could be a shock to those Falcon fans who were embarrassed to lose to them.  Anyway, I believe there is a zero percent chance that EMU beats Toledo, and would therefore predict BG and UT in the MAC title game.

2) Given your above scenario (whichever it may be), how do you see the postseason shaking out for the MAC teams we love. Who wins the MAC Championship? Who goes bowling? Who has to stay home and watch their conference brethren reap the benefits of bowl swag and competitive eating matches?

I'm going to call BG to beat UT on a neutral field with a second chance.  That's at least partly wishful thinking.  As for bowls, I'm not the bowl eligibility guru--you need to head over to Bull Run for that--but right now it looks like there's a good amount of eligibility and I will call BG, UT, WMU, CMU and NIU to make bowl games.  Akron has a shot.

3) With the season winding down, what will be your lasting memory of the 2014 season from the conference as a whole?

I have a bunch of these for our team (Matt Johnson injury and the Indiana game), but I would say that the memory from this year for the conference as a whole is how much WMU improved from one year to the next.  It has been remarkable.  PJ Fleck is going to make himself a very hot commodity.

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