Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Update on last night's MAC Results...

So from the land of MACtion....

So in the biggest game in the MAC this year, NIU-UT played in DeKalb.  Acknowledging the Rockets as our hated rival, they put up a pretty good effort.  They were playing a guy at QB who was actually their 4th guy and they were on the road and they didn't get it done, but they also didn't fall apart and they didn't get blown off the field.

The West is now wide open.  NIU plays OU and WMU coming home and if they win both then they are back in the MAC title game.  If they stumble, that leaves UT and WMU with one loss.  UT beat WMU, which would give them that tie breaker.  UT finishes with BG and EMU, so they would have a decent shot at getting to the Championship.

On the East side, Akron is completely imploding.  They were blown off the field by Buffalo.  This might all be moot after tonight, but covering all of our cases, Akron is now out of the race for the MAC title.  If UMass loses once more and OU loses once more, BG would win the East even if the Falcons go 0-3.  Not saying that's the best way to do it, but just so we understand.  Akron plays UMass next week and OU plays NIU, so that scenario could happen.

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