Sunday, August 22, 2010

SB Nation Blog Poll--pre-season version

The Blogpoll is back again this year.  We've moved from CBS to SB Nation, where we should be more visible.  It is a lot of fun to participate in this, and I look forward to another year.  Here's my pre-season ballot.  Any feedback, let me know today, and I'll have a final ballot tomorrow.



Frank said...


I run another blogger blog in the poll-but I cannot get the chart to format correctly in blogger?

Did you make any changes to the "approved" format template?


Orange said...

Hey Frank. Blogger doesn't format this table very well. What I do is publish it, and then re-open it in the edit html mode. You will see a whole bunch of codes that are creating the extra lines. I manually delete all of those and then republish.

There might be a better way, but I am not a code guy.