Monday, August 09, 2010

New Kicker in Falcon Camp....

Our starting kicker and our starting punter both graduated last year, and there has been a significant amount of concern in the Nation about that part of our team.  Having lived through some years where our kicking game was an absolute horror, no one wants to go back to where we can't kick a FG to take a 10-point lead at the end of a game or where punts are being blocked a lot.  Or FG kickers falling on their butt in the mud.  Like that.

So, today the news is that we have a kicker who was on the Michigan Wolverine roster for the past four years--Bryan Wright.  He didn't get into any games as a placekicker, but he did do some kickoffs.  He has a strong leg.  He graduated from UM and has enrolled at BG in grad school, and can play this year without sitting out a year.

This is a new NCAA rule, used most recently by Greg Paulus.

Anyway, he had some injuries last year, so assuming he is healthy, he enters into the mix to help us kicking or punting, apparently.  He was on scholarship at UM, which means he has to be pretty talented.     Many programs, including the biggest, prefer kickers to walk on.

Here's what RichRod had to say about Wright...

“Bryan Wright really fought through a lot of back pain last year in kicking -- I don’t know if you all were aware of that,” U-M coach Rich Rodriguez said in the spring. “He did a great job of fighting through that. It just got to the point that it was a little bit too much for him.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan is from the same hometown as John Sebo (Salem, Oh) who donated 4 million dollars for your athletic complex.

Bryan does have a strong leg, but was inconsistant with FG's and was beat out his last 3 years by walk-ons. As RR said, Bryan was plagued by lower back problems his last two years. He went through rehab and hopefully he can help BG out in all 3 areas KO, PK, P. RR actually recruited Bryan as a punter when he was at WVU. Wright was a Lloyd Carr recruit in 2006

I wish him well