Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Swap, Trojan Style, Deux

One of the things we have started doing recently is doing a "blog swap" with the opposing team's bloggers.  It is a really good way to learn about the opposition, and it is fun, too.  Last year, we did a swap with, but they don't seem to be blogging this year, so we made contact with Drew Champlin, who covers the Trojans for the Dothan Eagle.  If you want to see what has been going on in camp for the Eagles, check his articles and his blog out.

1. have blogged that you expect Corey Robinson to be the man, and Blakeney has said that he could even envision using a two-QB system with Robinson and Jamie Hampton. Tell us about each player and his strong points, and what BG can expect to see.

Corey Robinson has been the better passer in the scrimmages, but Jamie Hampton's not too shabby there, either. Hampton is faster than Robinson but hasn't moved the ball as well as Robinson during the scrimmages. Neither one of these guys are as good as Levi Brown, but both could lead the Trojans to a Sun Belt title. I expect that Bowling Green will see Robinson more.

(Note, after we corresponded on Sunday, Drew wrote a column that Troy had decided to keep the identity of their QB a secret to keep BG guessing.  Which is pretty normal.  They also have been entrusted with the secret Tony Packo's sauce recipe, so there are lots of secrets down there).

Ok, the second part I made up.

2. Although he had a sub-par game when we played last year, Jernel Jernigan is clearly a special player with huge expectations. Tell us some more about him. How do you think he will adjust to the new QB?

Jerrel Jernigan is the best player in the Sun Belt, in my opinion. He's had rough first games each of the past two years, as he didn't do much against MTSU in 2008 (a 31-17 Troy win). He's a guy that can take it to the end zone any time he touches the ball, and he'll even take a snap or 2 at quarterback. His stats could go down a little bit because Troy won't throw it as much as they did last year, but he'll get double-digit touches/targets each game. Troy expects more out of him in the return game this year, so he'll catch some kicks and punts.

3. Last year, what concerned me most about your team was the front seven on defense. Of course, Bear Woods was suspended, but even with that, it was a very talented bunch. How is Troy doing on replacing those players heading into this season?

Troy replaces the two NFL defensive ends with Mario Addison (Sr.) and Jonathan Massaquoi (So.). Both can really run, but don't have starting experience. I think they'll both have pretty good years, but it's hard to say how good they'll be this early. The biggest dropoff is at defensive tackle, where there's some guys that can fill the gaps, but none who are as good as Kevin Dixon/Eugene Kinlaw last year. One starting linebacker in Daniel Sheffield returns and another starting linebacker in Donnell Golden has started five games in two years (including last year at your place). Xavier Lamb is the MLB and he's a guy coaches feel good about at this level. Not so much the big playmaker that Boris Lee was, but a guy who can be in the right place. The depth at defensive end is a big worry as well.

4. You have three RBs who are likely to get carries, based on who is hot, from what I read. Are they all similar runners, or do any of them bring special abilities in certain situations?

Shawn Southward (So.) is a better north and south runner. DuJuan Harris (Sr.) is a better blocker and a better receiver out of the backfield, and he ran for 1,000-plus yards as a sophomore. He really struggled last season until the bowl game and should have a good bounce-back year. Chris Anderson (So.) hasn't played yet for Troy but he's a guy who could end up being really good. I think Southward or Harris would play more in this game, though. Anderson's a pretty good north-south runner as well, while Harris struggled last year dancing too much.

5. There's obviously been huge changes in the landscape of college football. Do you think Troy might be interested in a move to the WAC?

Absolutely not, but they'd love to be in Conference USA.

6. I would wager that few Falcon fans have been to Alabama (with the exception of Mobile, where we have played twice.) Tell us what your favorite part of the region is.

If you're a die-hard college football fan and follow the big national programs, it would be good to catch a game in Tuscaloosa or Auburn. Of the bigger cities, I like Mobile for its proximity to the beach and Huntsville because I thought the Space Center was pretty cool as a kid. Birmingham is too congested for me, but the other two cities have enough to do for a traveler or a native.

Thanks to Drew for helping out.  Check his stuff out, he's doing a great job.  I'll do the usual 25 questions about Troy on Tuesday (ish), but in the meantime, let's get game week going.  I'm very excited.

And for the record, I did not ask him about Helen....I did last year, and that might account for them closing their blog down.

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