Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Depth Chart Review

So, the depth chart is out as part of the game notes.  This is the first update of the depth chart that we have seen since the media guide came out, and there are some significant changes.

First, there was a lot of shifting based on the Scott Lewis injury.  Nick Torresso moved to start at RG, which we have already mentioned.  Casey McHugh moved from backup RT to backup RG.  And Kyle Bryant move from backup LT to backup RT.  Darion Delaney (true FR) moved to backup LT, and Dominic Flewellyn moved to back up RG.  And Lucy revealed to Ethel that the whole thing was just a big mix up.

JUCO transfer Eugene Cooper has been moved up to be even with Ray Hutson at one of the WR spots.  He is also returning punts, which he was accomplished at during his junior college career.

Based on the chart, Jordan Hopgood secured the backup TB slot.

Tyler Beck, who was mentioned in the presser as a TE (he is a true frosh) is now #2 at FB, replacing Jack Thompson.

On the defensive side of the ball, Ronnie Goble is now listed as a back up DE, taking Dylan Farrington's spot.

At Rover (a hybrid LB/DB position), BooBoo Gates is now in the mix, replacing Tim Moore.

Aaron Foster is now in the #2 mix at STUD, which is some kind of safety.  Make that SOME KIND of safety.


In total, the depth chart contains a stunning 15 freshmen.  5 of them are true freshmen, 7 are on offense and 8 are on defense.

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Fred Smith said...

Torresso is the LF, Chip Robinson at RG