Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Blogger Poll

In response to the MAC Media Poll, the Bull Run Blog set up a blogger poll for the MAC.  We had 11 blogs participate, as you can see below.  (The tables I cribbed without permission or remorse from the EMU Eagles blog, which is new on the scene.  Didn't see any reason to type this all in myself).

Blog (Listed alphabetically)Focus
Bull RunBuffalo
Eastern Michigan EaglesEastern Michigan
Falcon BlogBowling Green
Fire Up ChipsCentral Michigan
Hustle BeltMAC
Lets go RocketsToledo
Over The PylonBall State
Rasor on the ZipsAkron
Red and Black AttackNorthern Illinois
Temple Football ForeverTemple
The MAC DailyMAC

You can see the predictions below.  They are predictions.    One thing I will note is that I think the balance of power is shifting more toward divisional parity.  I think that as you move down the rankings, you can see that the teams are pretty even...Kent at 3rd should be pretty similar to CMU at third in the West, and so on.

MAC EastPtsDivConfBowlHighLow
MAC WestPtsDivConfBowlHighLow

The EMU blog correctly identifies, however, that what is really interesting is the difference betweenthe bloggers and the Media.  In fact, they are pretty minimal.  The one thing that leaps out to me is that the MSM has faith that Miami will show improvement this year, while we in the blogging community are less sure.  In fact, Miami and Akron are more or less equal in our eyes.  Also, the bloggers like Toledo better--in fact, two bloggers out of 11 thought they would win the division.

East Blog PollEast Media DayWest Blog PollWest Media Day
1 Temple(10) 971 Temple(17) 1371 NIU (9) 951 NIU (15) 115
2 Ohio(2) 892 Ohio(3) 1162 Toledo (2) 732 CMU(3) 83
3 Kent 643 Kent 943 CMU 623 WMU (2) 77
4 BGSU 554 BGSU 744 WMU (1) 584 Toledo 75
5 Buffalo 445 Miami 535 Ball State 295 Ball State 50
6 Akron 116 Buffalo 486 EMU 26 EMU 20
7 Miami 107 Akron 38

For the record, my picks were as follows (to be expounded on in a future post).


  1. Temple
  2. Kent
  3. OU
  4. BG
  5. Buffalo
  6. Miami
  7. Akron


  1. WMU
  2. NIU
  3. UT
  4. CMU
  5. BSU
  6. EMU

I think Temple will win the MAC...and I picked Temple, Kent, NIU and WMU to make bowls. Yes, Kent in a bowl game.

The apocalypse will be occurring shortly thereafter, so short everything.

Again, I'll explain myself at a later date, but for today, I think it is good to see that the blogs and the MSM don't differ all that much, which means, more than likely, we will all be equally wrong.

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