Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Scrimmage

The Falcons had their final scrimmage this weekend, and Coach Clawson had a little bit to say about it....

First, we learned that if it was up to him, he would listen to Steven Tyrell.

Don't be ashamed if you clicked the link.  I had to look it up myself.

See, when Heavy Metal Lovin Jim Schwartz wants to play music to distract his players, he can use his own ipod.  Not so much for Coach Clawson, who let the players pick the music....

Of course, Schwartz' players come pre-distracted.

Coach did not have anything else too interesting to say.  He toned the scrimmage down to keep guys healthy.  And, veterans like Pronty and Geter got fewer snaps than other younger guys.

One note:  Coach mentioned that Eugene Cooper should figure in the WR rotation.  He is JUCO transfer who is making his Falcon debut, which would make two JUCO WRs (the other being Kamar Jordan) in the rotation.  I believe you will see some guys who got snaps last year have been beaten out by these two guys, but that remains to be seen.

And, Coach says that the battle for back up RB is the best one in camp.  He says it could come down to Geiger and Hopgood getting snaps in different situations.  For example, with his WR background, Hopgood could be good on 3rd downs, or 2nd and long, etc.

He said it was the best defensive scrimmage so far.  Or cleanest.  He said cleanest.

Watch away...note where he almost gets nailed by a punt.

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