Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BGSU Falcon Athletic Department Blog Drops Tasty Morsel....

This tasty little bit was in the Falcon Athletic Department might have seen that many teams are announcing their non-conference hoops schedules, and the BG men have yet to publish theirs....see below.

3 - Speaking of basketball schedules, I've got a men's non-conference schedule sitting in front of me right now. There's still a couple of contracts that have to get the proper signatures before we can release it, but expect that to come out either Friday or next Monday. There's a few new opponents on the slate and, as a teaser, a road game against a Final Four team from a year ago. And that contract is a 2-for-1 meaning that team will come play us in the Stroh Center in 2012. But that's all I can say about that (and maybe more than I should have, but why else would you read all this?)
So, that leaves Butler, MSU, WVU and Duke.

This has prompted a great deal of speculation in the Nation.  From a geographic standpoint, MSU and Butler are most likely.  Butler would seem to me to be the team they are talking about.   MSU (notwithstanding Jud Heathcote's rumpled vow never to play in a MAC arena again following an Anderson Arena beatdown), is also possible, and posters on say that MSU does schedule some road games like this.  I doubt WVU and I really doubt Duke.

As the note says, schedule should be done Friday or Monday so it will be interesting to see.  Either way, I think a great way to get interest back in the basketball program is to bring in name opponents, and hopefully during a time when classes are in.  Not to be picky.


Tim said...

My bet is WVU or MSU. I just think that if it was Butler or Duke he would have said 'A finals team'

Orange said...

That's an interesting way to look at it.