Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching up from last week's news from Camp

Not camp, like where I was.  Camp where Falcons train for triumph, sweating through their pre-season routine.

Like that.

(FWIW, the news from our camp was s'mores, campfires, trees, bugs, and good times.)

Based on articles in the Blade, Matt Schilz has the inside track to be the QB.  This is not surprising, given that our OC recruited him to K-State and he was good enough to get an offer to a BCS school (even K-State), and has a year in our system as a redshirt last year.  Obviously, no official starter has been named.

From the same article, Willie Geter sat practice out with a minor injury which Coach said would not have prevented him from playing.  For those who like their minutae deep, here is the competition for the #2 slot...

The competition for the No. 2 running back spot is between Erique Geiger, John Pettigrew and Jordan Hopgood.

FWIW, Hopgood came to BG as a WR, and if he does not make at least one leaping TD pass he is wasting the greatest name in football history.  Ever.

Scott Lewis, a walk-on who had made his way to a starting O-line position has broken his foot and his return this year appears uncertain.  Former D-lineman Nick Torresso will take his spot.  The line is a key question mark for our team, and this will have an impact on depth if nothing else, and all but ensures that a true-FR will get playing time on the O-line this year.

Finally, the good news is that, as expected, we will have good depth at WR.  I really think that if the running game and the pass blocking give our QB time, then the WRs will be able to be productive.

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