Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OSU, Colorado, BG...

You may have heard the big news about OSU buying a game....and paying Colorado to come in to the Shoe.  You may not have heard that there was a Bowling Green connection to it....BG was supposed to play at OSU in 2011, but that was cancelled to make room for the Colorado game.

On one hand, I have always felt that if OSU is going to give millions of dollars to a school to play there, it should be a school from Ohio.  On the other hand, OSU has done much better in this regard than they did for decades when they never played an Ohio school ever, and, they are playing Toledo already in 2011, so perhaps they have paid their Ohio tax.  (It is also unusual to buy a game with another BCS school rather than making it a home and home, and will be interesting to see if this

Here is the quote from Tressel...

“The matchup with the Buffaloes gives Buckeye fans just another reason to anticipate the 2011 season,” Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel said.

You are free to react to that however you like.

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