Sunday, September 11, 2011

Morgan State, Part II

So, with a night to reflect and a chance to watch Coach Clawson's presser, here are a few thoughts.

Coach pretty much echoed what I wrote last night, which is that we are happy to get the win, but BG is better than Morgan State and should have won the game and had a number of lapses in the game, final score notwithstanding.

This is the kind of game where records and career highs get set.  It was true in this game as well...

  • Matt Schilz had 5 TD passes, a career high.  School record is 6.
  • Eugene Cooper had 4 TD reception, tying the school record
  • Anthon Samuel had his second 100 yard game to start his career, which was last done by PJ Pope.

BG had 58 points, most since a drubbing of Temple in 2006.

Morgan State had 37 yards passing.  I'd love to know the last time that happened.  The Bears ran 3 QBs out there, but to no avail.  They rushed for 156 yards on 34 carries, a significant chunk of which came when BG failed to contain Council, the MSU QB, who I don't think had any interest in throwing the ball, a fact seemingly lost on the D-line on a couple plays.

Morgan State did score 10 more points than they did against Towson. Also, they had 6 first downs in that game and 12 in this one.

Offensively, BG did whatever it wanted on offense, averaging 7.5 yards per play.   The offense did turn the ball over twice and once on special teams.

BG had 9 penalties in the first half and none in the second half.  (Coach mentioned penalties specifically in the post-game presser).

BG had 5 TDs in 6 red zone trips.  BG also made a FG, making it two straight games with a successful FG.

Anyway, that's the story from last night.  It is hard to look at the boxscore too closely because the numbers are so distorted.

Next week's game will be very interesting.  Wyoming has yet to play FBS competition but was expected to be respectable this year.  Our team, while 2-0, can still show considerable improvement and must also stay motivated and hungry, which will be a leadership test.  I think everyone will be looking to see if BG builds off the Idaho performance and puts together a continually improving game.

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