Sunday, May 23, 2004

Your First place Cincinnati Reds!!

Ok, its a three-way tie...still, the team is overachieving early this year, much as they did last year. The trick this year is to avoid the collapse of 2003, and continue to contend this season.

Most people thought we'd have a tough time splitting with the 'Stros, especially once we had absorbed Pettite and Clemens. Not so fast....the Reds won games started by both guys. It is especially satisfying given our embarassing performance in Houston a couple of weeks ago.

A sell-out was great last night, even if it was mostly to see the Rocket. That just shows these are baseball fans we're talking about. I saw the Rocket pitch for the Jays in Tiger Stadium, and you don't forget it.

Last night's game was a little bit of nail-biter. Danny--who is an average closer at best--certainly got himself in trouble, but eventually he and the defense bailed him out.

One last point--the team has come around since the injuries started to peel back. A good sign for our long-term health.

Long-term, can we stay with Houston? I doubt it. But who knows. One day at a time.

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