Monday, May 31, 2004

Tough Sunday in Canada

It was a tough Sunday in Canada, but we took 2-3 from the series. Still, a sweep against the Expos would have been nice.

You can't expect a lot when you put Joe Valentine in to start. I'm not sure I understand the logic here--you wanted him in the bullpen, but he needed to start one game first. He has, by the way, proven in the minors he cannot start effectively.

So he did what you expect, and the sweep was gone.

I was glad to see Ryan Wagner get sent down. He obviously needs some work, but I still believe in him. The Reds took a big risk bringing him up last year, because that became one of his options. I think Wagner will pitch effectively in the future--he may be a closer or set up guy. But the time in the minors should help.

Message to Reds--take a college guy in the early rounds of the draft. Use your later rounds for the high school kids.

More bad luck for Austin Kearns with the sore on his thumb. Ouch.

Go Reds.

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