Thursday, May 27, 2004

Losses to Marlins

Well, it goes without saying that the losses to the Marlins were disappointing coming off the sweep of the Astros. You hate to lose a series--I'm a big proponent in looking at each series as a mini-test of your ability.

Of course, what was different from Houston to Florida was hitting. We just didn't hit in the last two games, whereas we absolutely ripped the ball against Houston. The starting pitching in both of the losses was more than adequate, but we didn't score enough runs.

This starting eight has to carry the team many nights, and they are capable of doing it. The team is healthy, so that can't be it. I worry about Adam Dunn--I know his high .OBP mitigates some of the strikeouts and the low BA, but it only mitigates. He needs to get more hits, and he's getting a lot fewer of them lately.

From here, we need to get well against the Expos and then get them back in Miami following that. The Expos are the worst team in the NL, and we'll go there in a tie for first--at worst.

I think Jack McKeon is a great manager. Miley's going to be a good one, too.

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