Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"Rock Bottom" at the Doyt

"Rock bottom" aren't my words originally, but rather came from John Gibson.  Not that I disagree.  It was ugly...OU beating BG 66-24...on the home field, the whole thing.

OU had 66 points on 61 plays and almost exactly 10 yards per play.  It's the most points given up this year by BG.  Sadly, you only have to go back a couple of years to where we gave up that many at home, so ironically you kind of wish it was more historic than it was.

For its part, OU hasn't scored that many points since 1976.  According to The Blade.  I'm sure it's right....that's not a good look for us.

It's a tough night. 

The first half wasn't too bad.  BG was running the ball effectively with Davon Jones back in the lineup, they were throwing it effectively and were still in the game despite a couple of fumbles.  But the 3rd Q was a complete nightmare, as OU had 260 yards (or something) and BG had 18.  That included a nearly effortless 99-yard drive.

The loss was bad enough.  The depressing thing is looking forward.  As Gibby also pointed out (and Coach Loeffler has reinforced), we could see more players in the transfer portal over the next year and the numbers issues continue to be an uphill slog.  Our guys do not have an easy job ahead of them...and next year is likely to look a lot like this year.

I guess the final way to look at it is this...the hole is as deep as we feared it was.


Paul said...

Why more in the transfer portal? What is going on exactly? Loeffler seems to be righting the ship. Is it a case of just young men not wanting to put in the work?

Orange said...

No, not exactly. If you have one year left to play and you are graduating in the Spring, you have to understand that if you stay you are going to have next year be a lot like this one. You have one year left, why not go somewhere you can be in competitive games. Not promoting the idea, but even Loeffler has said we're probably not done losing guys from the program.

Paul said...

Totally forgot grad transfers. Thanks for the reply.