Saturday, November 30, 2019

It's Over...Buffalo game

BG got to the finish line Saturday, if only barely.  Undermanned, the team that took the field yesterday was beaten up and even more undermanned and finally the season ended with a 49-7 loss to the Bulls.

BG was playing without Perce, Bozeman, Biggers and Davin Wilson.  Numerous other players were playing at less than optimal conditions.  On offense, Loy was injured early in the game and replaced by Wade.

The results are no surprise.  BG struggles against the run and Jaret Patterson is the best RB in the MAC.  He torched BG without mercy, starting with an 81 yard run on the first play from scrimmage.  Patterson had a record-setting day, becoming the first MAC RB to score 6 rushing TDs in a game.  He had 26 carries for over 11 yards per carry.  As a team they averaged 8.9 yards per rush and the same on a per play basis.  Much like last year, they were content to run the ball and win the game, with 51 runs and only 14 passes.

BG managed only 9 first downs.  They averaged 3.5 yards per play and had 187 yards of total offense for the game.  It was as one-sided as it looked, possibly more.

BG finishes 3-9.  I will do a season wrap up shortly, but two things stand out.  First, of course, is this:

And the other is this...I think we have to take a minute to appreciate the players--the human beings--who were on this team.  It had to have been a very difficult year, but there's something to be said for being a survivor and if you made it to the end of this one, you are one.  This point was illustrated early in the game when RB Marlow was rolled up on and suffered a very serious leg injury. I haven't heard anything, but you can tell by the reaction of the other players and the training staff of both teams. 

Best to RB--but remember this, the players are putting their actual bodies on the line.  No one is happy with the results but only some of us pay in sweat and broken bones.  Some of us just watch.

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