Saturday, November 02, 2019

A picture tells a story....

So, this graphic tells a lot.

We have 15 players on that list...that's a low number to start with. 

Look closer...only FOUR of these players signed NLI's for BG in the actual year they were coming here.  This is just incredible to see...I mean, you can't imagine seeing that.  No one else in the country has numbers like can't have been worse at any time.

That's FOUR NLI, (Bozeman, Kramer, Lautanen and Sotolongo), five JUCOs, three grad transfers and three walk-ons.

Nothing against any of them.  I thank them all for being here.  They've represented a place I love through very tough times.

This is how 3-9 programs are built, not championship programs.  This program was mis-managed through two coaches...all hired by one athletic director, and I'll just leave that right there.  I don't want to keep looking back, but you also have to learn from history.  Hiring the right head coach is the single most important thing for a football program, especially at our level.  We failed twice and now we are where we are.

To better days....

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