Thursday, November 14, 2019

Miami Thumps BG

Not much to write about here.  Miami beat BG 44-3.  Miami started out cold and made a couple turnovers that BG failed to turn into points (well, turned into 3 points) and from there Miami was off to the races.  It was 37-3 at halftime.

The stats are what you would expect.  Miami had 8.2 yards per play and BG had 3.8.

A couple points, though.

First, I am in admiration of our guys for the fight in them.  This cannot be easy but they were flying around the field until the end.  Obviously, everybody would like to be winning more, but these guys are representing important qualities of our program and University, including grit and resilience. 

Second, I want to specifically call out Bryson Denley.  This dude is a warrior.  He ran a guy over in the second half.  One, he's not that big and two, we were down by over 30 points when he did it.  He is forced to be on the field all the time--which backs are rarely called on to do--and he ran for 105 yards on 14 carries plus he led the team with 3 catches for 33 yards.  He's giving us everything he's got--as are many others.  As a fan who, god willing, will still be in my seats when this thing turns around, I appreciate it.

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