Monday, November 25, 2019

Oh Man....Falcons take down Bearcats

These tournaments make it tough, but a quick post on BG picking up their biggest win in a long time by beating a very good Cincinnati team on a neutral floor.  Their kenpom was in the 30s when the game started...looking back...of course BG beat Buffalo (#22) last year...kenpom records go back to 2002 and that's how far back you have to go.  BG started that year with an OT win over Mississippi (#34) on the way to 23-9.

Which is interesting, because right now it's fairly clear that this is our best team since that team.

Last night's win was just huge.  As has been stated everywhere by now, this team is for real.  So often, a team exceeds expectations one year and then returns to the mean the next year.  This did not happen.  BG continues to play outstanding basketball and seems improved over last year.

A positive incredible that BG won the game without Justin Turner, who did not play in the second half or the OT.  No idea on what the status of the injury is  (So this could be a bad thing) but for now let's remember that BG beat UC without the pre-season MAC player of the year for most of the game.  That's something.

It's amazing to think about.  BG was down 67-57 with 3:49 left to play.  BG outscored them 15-5 in that time that again, BG scored 15 points in those 4 minutes.  UC opened the door by missing 7 FTs in that time, including one with :38 left that kept the deficit at 3 and set the stage for some Trey Diggs heroics, as he nailed a 3 to tie the game.

In OT, honestly, BG had control most of the way.  UC also missed 7 FTs in the OT.  (BG shot 77% from the line for the game).

I wanted to call out one item on the game...

So, when Todd Walker says something is the best performance in 17 years...that's worth hearing about.

Dylan scored 28 points, made 9 of 10 FTs, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.  That'll get it done.  Beyond that--and I didn't see the game--what I believe Todd is describing is Dylan being the team's glue against pressure and holding the team together...things there aren't stats for.

Dylan has had a very good career here and you have been able to see him mature and become a better player every year.  He handles the ball better, he runs the floor better, is underrated around the basket and is an unflappable floor leader for the team.  A very good career that is beginning to look like a great senior year.

BG moves next to Nevada, which is now coached by Steve Alford.  I know, right?  Anyway, you've seen them in the tourney the last couple of years.  Their ranking is #105...BG is #97.  They have had easy wins over Fordham and Valpo to get to the tournament final.

A couple thoughts.

First, the status of Justin Turner will determine a lot.  The good news is that the team knows that it doesn't determine everything.

BG played two very tough games to get to the final and had the late game last night, two other things that give Nevada an advantage.

Even so...BG is playing with momentum and grit.  I like our chances a lot tonight.  It's starting off to be a great year.

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Frank said...

I told several people here (in Cincy) to beware of the Falcons because they could win. Bearcats shooting (both from the field and the line) is suspect, and that held true.