Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Blade on BG numbers issues

NickP has the latest from the BG football program, and it is safe to say that when it rains it pours.  (Or snows).

Here's a direct quote:

Two offensive linemen — freshman Grant Abbott and redshirt sophomore Zach Dziengelewski — both left the team, according to Bowling Green. Redshirt senior Charles Lamar, who shuttled between running back and linebacker during his time at BG, also left the program.
For those keeping score at home, Grant Abbott was a true FR G from St. Ignatius who never played. Dziengelewski played at Swanton and did get in five games this year.  Lamar has played for BG, but never found a positional home.

Those losses are on top of the ones we had over the off-season, along with Nunn-Lidell and James Harris during the season.

It's just tough.  You're at 70 scholarship players BEFORE injuries.  And then the guys you are going to lose through normal graduation...and Loeffler seems to understand other players will leave as well--which should not be surprising.  This is a very different football experience than existed here under the previous regimes.

We can only bring in 25 guys in each class, so your numbers won't be right until the second class...if not the third.

Just a reminder.  We're in bad shape.  Loeffler told The Blade that BG needs three great recruiting classes in a row--we literally can't afford to miss on anyone.  If we do that, we will have righted the ship.  In the meantime, it's going to continue to be tough times.

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