Thursday, November 14, 2019

Falcon MBB Signs Three to NLI

Yesterday was NLI day and the Falcons have signed the three players they expected to can see them above and there's a link to BGSU's official release.  In the sidebar on the left you can find the information we used to develop their original profiles.

Just a general comment.  To win the MAC, you have to be in the title conversation often...way more often than not.  To do that, you need to bring in talent year and year.  It has been well documented that BG had very few, if any, recruiting classes between the return of Dakich and the end of Orr/Jans that brought a critical mass of talent to the program.  I think we're recruiting well now and you can see it on the floor and I think this class fits the bill as well.  These young men are winners and highly sought recruits.  Only time will tell in the end, but I'm optimistic about the future of our program.

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