Saturday, November 23, 2019

Falcons Top Toppers (2/2)

So, looking at the don't win a lot of games that look like this.  You get out-shot, you are even on turnovers (and your turnovers are up and WKU's are down) and you give up way more free throw attempts...this is not the chart where the orange team wins very often.

How did it happen?  A couple things.  First, that offensive rebounding was key.  In a 74 possession game, BG had 6 additional multi-chance possessions.

Also, and this is a little oddity of the basketball game...all of those fouls by BG also caused WKU to get fewer FG attempts.  BG shot 15 more FGs than WKU did.

Here's the interesting thing.  WKU shot 54% on an effective field goal percent...and they only shot 61% from the line.  In essence, all those BG fouls converted FG attempts into FT attempts and WKU was barely more effective at the line than they were from the field.  In fact, if you're going to shoot that poorly from the line, you'd be better off not getting fouled.

So, with those 15 extra attempts, BG shot a lower percentage but out-scored WKU 70-58 on FGS.  Also, BG shot 70% from the line, so despite taking 18 fewer FTS, they were only outscored by 10.

BG won the game with 3FGs.  They shot 47.6% from 3, a total they bettered only three times last season.  Their 2FGs are awful.  BG made only 42% of its 2FGs.  For the year in D1 games we are 340th in the country on 2FGs.

WKU meanwhile shot 61% from 2 FG but only 29% from 3.

So, individually...I mean, Justin Turner is just a beast.  He scored 27 points on 10 of 19 and 2 of 5 shooting...a win in any league.  He made all 5 of his Fts, added 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals.  And he made the shot you had to have and a decisive performance on the defensive end as well. 

This young man is a great player.  He's the best we've had in years, certainly outside of the post if you think about Richaun Holmes.  He's the best scorer we've had since Keith McLeod and probably the best player since then.  He's best in the big games, he is consistent and he seems to be getting even better.  And, he made the shot we had to have and that's not something you can measure.

Dylan Frye also had a huge night.  He played only 8 minutes in the first half due to fouls.  (Coach Huger is one of the most conservative coaches in the country when it comes to playing players with 2's been measured).  He came out in the second half and had 8 points in the first 3 minutes.  In all, he scored 19 on 7 of 15 and 5 of 7 shooting.  He had 19 points in 27 minutes, playing almost the entire second half.

Those were BG's only double figure scorers.  Mattos had 7 rebounds and Plowden 6.

I don't think that tells the whole story.  I believe depth played a role in this win.  WKU's starters played 83% of the minutes.  BG's starters played 70% and BG went 11 deep as opposed to WKU's 8.  I don't think it's any coincidence that BG ended both halves with big runs.  Also, having the depth to survive first half foul trouble and be down 1 and then have a fresh Dylan Frye for the entire second half...that matters.

Anyway, it's a very big win for the boys.  I'm PUMPED for this season...and for Sunday night.  Why not us?

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