Friday, November 15, 2019

Football Verbal

BG has another football verbal, this one is Jeremiah Banks-Wall, from Mortini Catholic in Lombard, IL.  He is projected by 24/7 to be an OT and he's rated a 2-star.  They list offers from Arkansas State, Syracuse, Eastern Illinois, Illinois State and Southern Illinois.

They list him at 6'6" and 250, his twitter bio says 265.  So, probably the right frame for a prototypical OT, but needs some building up.  He did play both ways.  Here's a short interview with Lemming where he talks about who had been contacting him.

Welcome to the Falcons, Jeremiah!

A little additional recruiting commentary...I think it is entirely possible we added Jeremiah and Troy Rainey to our class to address issues with offensive lineman with the two transfers this week. 

My opinion only, but I don't think you can win the MAC unless you are effective up front on both sides of the ball.

As for numbers...I have BG with 29 verbals, counting this one.  The limit is 25, as we all are now well aware.

A couple notes.  Some of these guys may be preferred walk ons.  They announce they are committing but they are committing as a PWO.

Also, some of these guys may have de-committed or might no longer be coming to BG for whatever reason.  There are no de-commits listed on 24/7, but with some of the below-the-radar guys, they might not have picked that up.

24/7 lists BG with 24 commits, counting Banks-Wall.

The players I have that are not on their list are...

Anthony Hawkins, Matthew Paull, Shon Strickland, Dylan Walker and Myles Williamson.

I look at all their twitter feeds and I didn't see any reason to think they were no longer coming to BG.

Here's the deal.  I don't have any sources.  I deal with publicly available information and this is what that is.  It will all be revealed in about a month.

And don't worry about it...the coaches know the rules and can count to 25.

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