Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Jinks Vision....

Coach Jinks, flush with the win over Kent, dropped a pretty interesting statement into his post-game presser.

He was asked if he was happy, because apparently he did not appear to be.  He said he was happy to win, but that the team "has a long way to go."  Which, I think we all agree with.  The job isn't done with two wins.

Then he said that his vision is that Bowling Green is competing every year to be in the G5 slot for a New Year's Day game.  Yes.  You read that right.

The contrast between that and what we saw this year is so large as to be completely stupefying.  It doesn't mean we won't get there.  It also doesn't mean that we know we have the guys who can get us there.  It doesn't even mean that some of the things we have done this year make sense if that was the goal.

It also doesn't mean we won't get there.  But, just to be clear, the only team to do that was Boise.  That's the air you're trying to breathe.  You're saying you're Chris Peterson.  Your vision is to match the top mid-major in the BCS/Playoff era.

For my money, honestly, I'd be happy if we were competitive every year.  I'd love to get where he is talking about, of course, but I (and I believe most fans) would be happy with NIU and Toledo's success.  I'd like to win titles and not have the boom and bust cycle.  And beat Toledo.

Also, if we were on track for any of that, I don't think a coach would stay long enough to see it through.

He also said that he does not relish the underdog role.  I love this part.  He said, I don't want to be the underdog, I want to be the one with the target on our back.

Anyway, it was certainly interesting.  We have seen the coaching staff get better, but they are far from being done, which Coach acknowledged.  It will be interesting to see if we can continue to grow in this respect...and whether at any point we decide that this guy or that guy just isn't going to make it.


Anonymous said...

A lot of what you wrote he mentioned in post game conference as I was driving home listening to him. When he said p5 and new years day my thoughts were much like really?! You are going to be that loyal to stay here however long? That's not reality in our world maybe critical thinking or skepticism on our part, but can someone be that appreciative to stay that long?

Orange said...

Definitely jaded on that point. They all say they love it here, until the better offer comes along. I don't blame them for leaving, they are allowed to take a better job just like all of us are. I prefer that to when they have to be fired.

Anonymous said...

I too don't blame them for accepting a better job as we all do similar agendas, I just don't appreciate the way it tends to be handled, let me call it the urban m affect. For me I prefer little is mentioned by them that gives thought for longevity unless it is truly meant. I realize that coaches talk on future goals but it can be done simplistically by just saying hey I want to be at this goal in such a such time. By the way Jinks puts it we all know it's going to take a couple years just to bring us up to strength, ie recruiting, plaY schemes etc. We could be looking 4 yrs or longer to get to his goal. I like the thought but don't blow smoke unless it is really meant. Urban blew smoke as his jet to Utah was to. I get it, however a coach can do other things that prove longevity.

NWLB said...

People need to become more grounded I think. I continue to marvel at people that profess to be bitter over “how Urban left.” It is the same kind of suspension of reality that makes people rant about how we should strive for a national championship, play in P5 bowls, and otherwise pretend to be some kind of power football team in a power conference.

So Urban said he was going to stay. Reality for him changed and that happens to all of us in this life. It wasn’t a blood oath and if people were deluded enough to think he would not leave for a better job even having said what he did, I hold no sympathy for their bruised feelings.

So Jinks, like nearly every coach since Urban has spoken of playing for whatever the highest standard of success was at that time. We have WMU on the cusp of a P5 bowl, NIU has been there, and other teams have contended for one in the past. It is the rhetorical currency of the realm.

It maybe the world of sports, but one has to engage a mental filter and move forward. Enjoy the team and the games for what they are, revel in the good times, celebrate what we achieve not what we aspire too. Likewise stop being bitter over what we can’t be, fail to achieve, and especially what was never likely or to ever be. The issue isn’t what a coach says, it is people expecting the world around them to never say anything that could possibly cause their feelings to be hurt.

Anonymous said...

I for one am not bitter over Urban leaving but credit him for overnight changing the direction the program was going to which we have and still enjoy the success of.

As for Jinks, I am reminded that we are for away from being a P5 school. This can be seen every time I watch an LSU, Alabama, or OSU game just on the seating capacity. My point with Jinks is that in order to be a competitive new year bowl contender it's going to take a lot of time, probably more than what Jinks could be here, and much more resources than what is there today; including the ability to fill the stands at a rose bowl type stadium. I like Jinks lofty goal but not disillusioned to the fact that those type of bowl games look at cheeks in the seats and paying ones.

As for longevity, this is for the kids. It sounds good to have a coach say they are staying to contract end to find that they leave before that time. Babers brought in some players but we have seen an exit of some players others decommitted or left. From a school standpoint, those are scholarships that could have or will be future alumni that in all hopes bring something back to the school and at the very least able to get a quality education. These are student athletes, albeit some are here as athletes first, and that won't change. However for those who are students and take pride in all they do at BGSU, want to have something to be proud of as well. Coaching changes every couple years brings a newness each time causing an unfamiliarity of systems and struggling that can bread frustration. So instead of saying rhetorical comments change it up to the more obvious then even incoming and current student athletes will know where they stand