Friday, November 04, 2016

Huger Presser

It was apparently presser day today at BG, and Coach Huger joined the fun with a pre-season presser.  BG opens with an exhibition game against Capital on Friday.  Then, they play @Oakland the following Friday to start the season off.

Coach did name his starting five to begin the season...

PG: Ali
SG: Denny
SF:  Lillard
PF:  Alcegaire
C:  Wiggins

He said there was a backup at every position and that BG would probably start a rotation of 10 and then adjust it as playing time is earned.  Me talking here, with BG's pre-season schedule, it might well be possible to rotate 10 all the way through until MAC play starts.

Also me, I would assume the backups are Caldwell, Frye Turner, Uju and Worrell, in order.

I think the biggest surprise here is that Alcegaire is starting at 4 instead of Worrell.  The media was on that right away, asking about whether that might cause concerns for rebounds.  Coach said that, basically, that rebounding is a concern on every possession.

Which isn't where they were going with the question.

Then they asked if the plan was to ever play Worrell and Wiggins at the same time.  Coach said you could, but the concern is that you are sacrificing some offense if you do that.

He said the Freshmen are off to a good start.

Ish Ali gained 20 pounds and should be able to finish better around the basket
Wiggins gained 22 pounds and made the biggest jump in the off-season.

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