Monday, November 14, 2016

Katernick De-Commits

So, this is not great news.  It isn't the position per se...BG had two highly ranked QBs in this class plus James Morgan probably solidifying his spot and the other QB has a brother on the staff at BG. Also, Elijah Cunningham is red-shirting.  Still, one of the things that had been an initial strength of the staff was their ability to get high-profile commits.  I noted at the time that those are a long way from being players.

Also, Duke is in a major conference and sometimes guys can be tough to hang onto.  Also a top-flight academic school.  He's from IL, FWIW, and his HS Coach played with one of our assistants, which is apparently how the whole thing got hooked up.

Best of luck to Chris.  He's got the right to make the decision he feels is right for him and we need guys who want to be here more than anywhere else.

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