Wednesday, November 09, 2016

After 341 days, sweet victory

60 days.
341 days.

That's 60 days since BG's last victory on a football field...and 341 days since their last win over an FBS opponent and a MAC opponent.  Pretty amazing, eh?

Well, tonight BG finally reset all those counters with their 8th straight over Akron.  For all of BG's shitty luck this year, this one finally opened the door for the Falcons, who played a strong first half and then outlasted an Akron team using a WR as an emergency QB who threw picks on consecutive passes.  BG's had a lot of injuries and bad luck...we're offering no sympathy for the Zips.

Good on ya, guys.  Enjoy it.  You've certainly felt those 341 days more than anyone else.

More tomorrow.

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