Saturday, November 26, 2016

BG gets expected win over Morgan State

BG got the win you'd expect over a badly overmatched Morgan State team, beating them 90-58.  I wasn't there and there isn't too much to say about it.  Morgan State is ranked among the 20 worst teams in D1 by kenpom and they are on the road and BG did what they should do, which is beat them soundly.  You don't learn too much about your team in a game like this, except that you beat a poor team soundly.  FWIW, they only lost by 6 to Towson and Brown, and Towson isn't a bad team.  Anyway, you want the win and you got it.

BG had 1.08 points per possession and Morgan State a deadly .7 points per possession in a very, very fast 83 possession game, which is the fastest D1 game I can find for BG back to '02.   You'd expect to see pretty lopsided stats, and they are.  BG outshot Morgan State by a lot, an advantage that was negated by BG having a high number of turnovers.  But BG was good on the offensive boards and made 18 of 25 FTs for 72%.

Matt Fox led the Falcons in scoring with 18 points.  He shot 7 of 11 with 4 3FGx.  Dylan Frye had 15 points on 5 of 6 shooting, Wiggins has 12, and Denny had 11 on 3 of 11 shooting.  Denny added 7 rebounds, Lillard 8 and Worrell 9.  Denny also had 8 steals, which is just a crazy number.  Ali had 7 assists and Rodrick Caldwell had 5.

Neither Justin Turner nor Jeffrey Uju saw action.

This kicks off a quiet week for BG.  Tuesday they play Notre Dame College and then the following Sunday they play @Cincinnati, probably the toughest game on their schedule.

For now, BG is 2-4.

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