Thursday, November 03, 2016

Coach Jinks Presser

So, Coach Jinks had his presser today for the Akron game next Wednesday.  I'd say there was next to no news.  He asserted (a few times) that BG has been in all of the games (he means MAC games) and I'm not sure if that's exactly accurate unless you count the opening kickoff.  For example, in the NIU game it was a two-score game for the last 37 minutes with a final deficit of 25.  Anyway.   He is pretty straightforward about being 1-8.  He says we are improving every week.

Most of all, he says "we will turn this around."

And let us hope that he can and does.

He was asked one interesting question, which has to do with the team's inability to run the ball over the last couple weeks, and whether the offensive line wasn't supposed to be a unit with a lot of senior leadership...and whether that lack of success had surprised him.

He said "nothing surprises me anymore."

Sadly, us either.


unique2008 said...

I really wish the media and the coaches would just be honest. For instance, on the defense, they are playing an a kid injured and the coaches literally do not know how to call a play to combat against an offense. The players are looking to the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach and they don't have a play. Their inexperience to coach has ruined good football players! This is the real story and no one cares.

Orange said...

Yeah, this is what many of us fear...thanks for reading and commenting.

NWLB said...

Curiously in talking to Jinks during the pre-season roadshow, I made mention of precisely that kind of thing under Babers. The defense standing on the field waving their hands at the sidelines, to coaches seemingly refusing to look at them as they stared down at clip boards and argued with each other. I watched for two years while the players scrambled around, entirely different from the previous 23 years I've watched. They would look at each other, shrugging shoulders, shouting, then at the sidelines and back. This isn't a case of miss-understanding things just being the way they are in football. I've watched too many games, taken time to learn and appreciate what I watch.

Bad juju.