Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jinks Presser, Where Coach Reveals His True Identity

Coach Jinks had a long presser, about 18 minutes.  The most interesting thing he had to say was about the style of offense BG played against Akron...under center, lots of runs.

Then he says, truth be told "that's more the kind of ballgame I feel comfortable in. That's my identity."

He also said he is a defensive guy, he says.  Believes in defense and controlling the clock on offense.

I heard that, I was like, WHAT?

That's kind of a wow to me.  So, you're telling me you came up here, bringing the Air Raid with you, and that's not really the way you want to play?  When you go to OSU, you say we are going to be who we are...and we could have been playing with some time off the clock instead of :20 3 and outs?  Huh.

He did say we were going to play at tempo, just with more formations than just the spread.

And this is what I meant in my game post.  I think we would have been more competitive with more experienced coaches early on who wouldn't be saying things like this now.  Essentially, he did not have them prepared basic on things they could do for those early games.

Also, he said that they probably put too much on Morgan's plate.  Maybe we should have had a couple games like this early on.  This is the same thing.  I don't know that more seasoned coaches make that mistake.

Oh, more running.  You are going to see more Donovan Wilson, who is "built for November."  He's built pretty well for October, too, but he wasn't even getting goal line touches.

He feels that the defense has "grown so much."  BG had injuries last night...Valdez, Wade, Watson, Mack.  And yet, the defense played better.  They were playing fast, going to the ball, etc.  Now, we played a team with an injured QB, an average QB and a WR, but if he feels the defense is flying to the ball then so be it.


Anonymous said...

Orange, I have to agree with Jinks on the D flying all over the field. Even if they were playing Findlay university, what I seen last night hasn't been seen hardly ever this year. Most games I've watched our dbacks watch an opposing receiver catch a ball 5 yds or more in front of them before moving in that direction. It hard to understand why if you see a qb throw a ball, see the ball in the air going towards not one of our players, and not move. Last night they were, most of the night breaking on the ball and wasn't giving them much cushion. Also I noticed that we actually did a good job with containing the edges, something we've had issues with, not just this year but for a couple years in the past. Was it a perfect D game no but that D last night would have kept us in some of the earlier games.

Orange said...

Appreciate you reading, and fair enough. They did move the ball with their WR/QB for a while...but as you say, not perfect.

unique2008 said...

They finally had the right defense out there playing. I know I'm biased but listen Valdez was recruited as a quarterback and under Babers converted to a MLB. Locke was the original starter back with Lynch and made an error in the Wisconsin game. It was Wisconsin! Anyway they need Kaye's Valdez from then on. Valdez has been injured since camp and cannot play like he did last year and this team could have won more games with the defense they played against Akron. Which confirms your point of how inexperienced the coaches really are. So, according to a text Nate received, the same defense will be out there against Kent.

Orange said...

Yes, Coach more or less said the same thing at the presser. Valdez has certainly been a successful LB when healthy, so its hard to question that decision but I think they have been late to adjust this year.

Anonymous said...

Valdez has been a very successful LB whether recruited as a QB or not and I think defense would have been just as good or better against Akron with a healthy Valdez playing. It seems the D.C. finally had a decent defense in to match what the offense gave them. I think all the players stepped up to prove that they actually can play defense. Hopefully we can continue this success the last 2 games.