Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who are we rooting for?

Here is today's schedule and a guide to who Falcon fans should be rooting for....

Akron @ Ohio:

Root for whoever you want, the result is not important to our prospects.  In general, we want Akron to win the rest of their games, because they are playing teams we are contending with.  And we want OU to win their last two...but for tonight, it isn't worth worrying about.


WMU by a smidge.  Doesn't really matter, however, BG's win over WMU could be big in a tie breaking scenario and therefore we need them to finish 3rd.

CMU @ Ball State

CMU.  Ball State is 1 game behind BG, 2 with the tie breaker.  CMU is no threat to anyone but themselves.

Buffalo @ Kent

This is a tweener.  BG is 1 game behind Buffalo but would probably beat Buffalo in the tiebreaker if BG beats Buffalo at the Stroh to end the season.  Meanwhile, BG has to play @Kent...same deal though, we probably win a tie with them.  I'm rooting for Buffalo, but this one could go either way.


Go Huskies.  Defend that home court.

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