Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Signing Day Update

Quick update.  No surprises today.  Everyone we expected to get has signed and there are no new names at  this time.  You can see the live blog with a short bio on every player here.  At 2pm, the assistants will talk for an hour about the players BG signed and then at 3pm Coach Clawson will talk.  Both of these "events" can be viewed live online here.

The big headline is Fred Coppet, who was a 4-star recruit at RB who signed with the Falcons and, I suspect, could see playing time right away.  Coach likes to use a RB by committee approach so you'd have to think there would be some carries in there for him and we have already noted that there are some uncertainties at RB for next season.

You know how I feel.  You can't really evaluate a class until the end of their 4-5 years.  Young men are unpredictable--some look good but won't ever get any better (not just talking football players here) and some don't look that good but will get a lot better.  Everyone will extol their recruits today...but time will tell.

Having said that, I think we did get some good players and it seems like the class is pretty solid.  Time will tell.  We have a lot of "unrated" players, based on rankings, some of which I'm surprised at. I think our Coaches have shown themselves to be good talent evaluators and I'll trust their judgment over rating services until proven otherwise.

Two news items, in my mind.  First, the class is a lot bigger than was suspected.  I'd be interested in hearing from Coach Clawson why that was.

And second, the class is very Florida heavy.  Coach came in saying he was going to recruit "The State of Bowling Green" and has, very simply, abandoned that approach.  I don't care if we win with Florida players or Ohio players, I only care that we are complying with the "diploma in one hand and championship ring in the other" philosophy that Coach espoused when he started here.  Coach Clawson has done everything right on that front--I believe our APR is at our highest ever--so I am going to assume he continues to have things well in hand.

So, welcome to the Falcons!  I look forward to watching these young men develop and lead the Falcons to championships, followed by a graduation ceremony.


Flip said...

I don't know if it's fair to say they've abandoned the "State of Bowling Green" approach. Yeah, they signed eight kids from FL...but they signed 14 from the traditional area of OH, MI, IN and IL.

Orange said...

Fair me having 36% from Florida qualifies.