Monday, February 04, 2013

IPFW is BG's final Bracket Buster Opponent

Yeah.  I know, but what you can you really expect.  It is, at least, a short drive from BG to Fort Wayne.

BG is 1-1 against the Mastodons.  BG lost to them in 2003 in one of the most infamous games in the Dakich era.  BG had a chance to tie the game and Ron Lewis lined up to take a 3 and he missed badly and Dakich was just convinced that he was fouled and he came unglued.  He had one T during the game (BG was called for 26 fouls against only 13 for IPFW) and then after Lewis missed, he got the other one.  Then, he went on the post-game radio show and said that his team got robbed...ripping the officials in direct words.

Here is how he was quoted in The Blade:

“This was absurd,” said ejected BG coach Dan Dakich afterwards. “It started from the beginning and didn t end. I never in my life have seen anything like it and I hope to never see anything like it again.

“I would hope some people would be suspended because of this - maybe including myself.”

He wasn't suspended, though he did get a reprimand from the league office.  My son was in Jr. Falcons then and the next Sunday he brought all the kids together.  They usually said "Go Falcons" but this time he wanted them to say "Coach, keep your mouth shut after the games" and the kids dutifully repeated every word.

BG won the return game in Anderson Arena.

They are 10-14 with a 285 kenpom.  They are 3-7 in the Summit League and their RPI is 314.  Two of those win are against non-D1 teams and five were over teams with RPI over 300.  They did beat IUPUI and Miami--both teams BG lost to--and lost to EMU, a team BG beat.

They do offer Frank Gaines, who is scoring 19 PPG, which is in the top 30 in D1.

So, yeah, not exactly a marquee matchup.  On the other hand, what would you expect, and, you can be assured that somewhere in Ft. Wayne someone is saying the same thing.

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