Wednesday, February 06, 2013

National Signing Day is here...

It is amazing how much this day has changed over the last 5-10 years.  It went from a presser with some game film to a day long event, even at Bowling Green.  I'm not even talking about the bigger schools or the all-day ESPNU coverage or the guys who hold their commitments to be part of the TV drama.

Anyway, it all starts NOW.  I'll have a post or two up during the day, but if you want to follow the faxes as they come across the machine in the football office (honestly, faxes?) you should go to  They are live blogging all day and then in the afternoon there will be some interviews with assistants and then Coach will do his thing at 3 pm.

On the left hand part of this blog is the list of the current verbals as publicly reported.  One or two might be preferred walk-ons, that's sometimes tough to discern.  Anyway, if you see someone on BGSU's list that wasn't on the list of who we expected, that is a surprise, and there usually are 1-2 of those, especially under the Clawson regime.

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