Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falcons Get Big Win

The Falcons picked up a very nice win tonight against WMU.  They continue to play well at the Stroh Center most of the time, and played a very solid against a very, very physical Bronco team.  We got contributions up and down the bench, made some shots, played some very strong defense at times and in the end had a comfortable win.  It was an enjoyable game to watch (as wins normally are).

More tomorrow.  One thing, though.  For all the issues with this season, BG certainly has a shot a a bye....there's a long way to go, but if BG were to beat Miami and Buffalo at home they'd be in decent shape and if they were to pull off the upset over OU at the Stroh they'd be in even better shape.  If the tournament started today, BG would have a bye directly to the quarterfinals.  (Tiebreakers below sorted out based on Jeremy Guy's twitter feed).

Anyway, time will tell, but this is a very achievable goal.

One thing to look out for.  The MAC did not do the East-West-East rotation...the games are more mixed.  However, the games from here on in (with the exception of the OU/EMU postponement) will be inside the division.  So, as you look at the standings, keep in mind that the teams in the West could have a slightly easier road coming home.  Note that BG owns tiebreakers over EMU, Ball, and NIU and play Miami, Kent and Buffalo coming home.

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