Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Football Adds New Assistant

The only assistant BG lost over the past year was Clark Lea who moved on to Syracuse after one season coaching the BGSU linebackers.  Coach Clawson today announced a replacement...Robert Neviaser.

Neviaser follows the general Clawson trend for hires, which means that he has a I-AA backgound in the East.  For the last two seasons he was the defensive coordinator at Stony Brook, which has made the playoffs in that time and last year had the 4th ranked scoring defense in the nation.

Before that, he had successful (based on his bio) stints at Rhode Island and Delaware.  

He is also a graduate of Williams College, which is Coach Clawson's alma mater.  It is the #1 ranked liberal arts college in the United States.  (Annual tab, $55K.)

Anyway, I have said before that I am fine with getting successful I-AA guys.  There is not a huge difference between I-AA and the MAC, and people at that level are used to being resourceful because you just don't have the money to do everything, like you might at, say Alabama.  I think it is good training and I think BG has gotten good coaches using this method--starting with Coach Clawson and Mike Elko and continuing through what I believe is a strong staff.....or, if you prefer, a staff that is getting results.

Welcome to the Falcons, Rob.

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