Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So here are the first permutations for the men's hoops season.  Thankful for a low bar, I think that any team finishing strong can still earn as high as a #4.

A few notes.

  • We have eliminated UT, since they are not eligible for post-season play.
  • EMU's extra game is @OU, so they are more or less tied with the other teams at 4-6.
  • Also, if BG beats WMU, they are looking pretty good for at least a home berth.  With the win, they have a decent shot at 7 wins, which all the 3-7 teams would be hard pressed to reach. 
  • Also, BG owns the tie breaker against Ball State and NIU, who also play each other twice

Obviously, there' s along way to go.  Only point is, I think BG's schedule is slightly favorable coming home and, amazing as it might seen, there is plenty to play for in the middle of the conference, where no one has broken out yet.

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