Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Say Hi to Your MAC East Champions

More to come tomorrow.....but for now, a great night to be a Falcon.  You go on the road and get that win?  By two touchdowns.  This is one to be proud of.  BG also is the first East team to beat a West team that wasn't named Eastern Michigan (this year).  And, it comes on the heels of BG whiffing on the West last year.

It was a complete team victory, complete with a goal line stand to seal the win.

Finally, I said this week that we would get an idea how good we actually are.  WMU is a very good team, and BG beat them by two scores on the road.

Finally, for all the struggle last year, this team is right where Coach Babers said it would be, which is a legit competitor for a second title in 3 years.

Again, more to come.  For now, savor the win Falcon fans.

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