Saturday, November 21, 2015

Babers Presser, Good Stuff

Watched the Babers presser yesterday.  It was actually very interesting. Two things.

First, Coach Babers actually flew to Texas to watch his daughter play volleyball.  Her name is Jazzmin Babers and she plays at Texas A&M.  She was all-SEC last year.  Anyway, I don't think I ever heard of a Coach doing this before...he basically took a day off in the middle of the season and flew to the game, visited with his daughter, spent four hours with her roommate and then watched her play, had dinner with her and flew home on like 2 hours sleep.

No one asked me, but I like it.  As a Father, I love the sentiment and commitment to family.  Good for you, Coach.  (He enjoyed it, too.  Says it was "Awesome," or "A-W-E some."

Oh....the Aggies beat Kentucky 3-0.  Jazzmin had 8 kills and 5 blocks.

The other interesting part was talking about last year's Ball State game.  That was a really bad day for the program.  It was freezing cold, coming up a loss to UT and heading into the MAC Championship game and BG bolted out to a 14-0 and 21-7 lead, only to have Ball State swarm back and solidly beat the Falcons.  It was a badly banged-up Cardinal team...a team BG should 100% have beaten at home.

Coach says that rather than leave the field, he had his team kneel in the corner of the Doyt and watch the Ball State players celebrate, something he thinks can extend to a life lesson for the team.

Coach puts on this Joe Cool thing, but I think you'd be wrong not to understand a very deep flowing passion and competitive drive.

For example, coach said in the presser that Ball State put 58 on BG last year.  That's where the game stands in his mind.

Actual fine score:  41-24.

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