Sunday, November 29, 2015

Babers Alert System Blinking Red

All right then. Sunday dinner, enjoying some chicken and BOOM!  There's word on the Internet that Coach Babers is going to Central Florida.  You can see the remnants of it above...I think this probably gives us a pretty good picture...and Travis brings the team back to reality.

The Denny Stolz thing was my senior year in College and it can't be stated how unfair that was to the players on that team, who were undefeated and champions.  It happens all the time now, but at the time, it was just something no one was used to and it led to a very ugly night in Fresno.

I just hate to see these kinds of distractions the week of a title game.  I did not in any way expect Babers to be coaching at our bowl game, but I did hope we'd get through this week without something like this.

And here's the thing.  I would gather from what I saw above that Babers plans to Coach in the game Friday...the question is how focused are he and his assistants going to be on game prep?

Even if your intention was to be honorable, you're only human.

One last thing.  There's a lot on twitter about this being a "lateral" move.  First, that's what people said when Urban went to Utah, too.

Second, you have to know the context.  No, it is not a P5 school.  However, the new AD is Danny White who is the guy who was renaming the State University at Buffalo to University of New York.  Guy thinks big and UCF is in a position to become either a very high P5 or even a new Big 12 team as they try to get a playoff.  Also, he's right in the middle of a large collection of players who would be perfect for his system.

Also, you can bet it entails a significant pay increase.

I'm fine with him going and I expected it.  I wish him 100% the best.  I wish he had stayed longer, but it is what it is.  The man has the right to do what is right for his career and his family and I'd do the same thing.

All he owes us is one more focused game.



UnderContract said...

If we lose this game to an inferior opponent because of this distraction they should sue for breach of contract in addition to getting the additional 100k buyout.

Orange said...

It would be disappointing, that's for sure. Not sure, however, that NIU is an inferior opponent. Yes, there is the QB issue, but they have lots of other things going for them.

UnderContract said...

I agree. NIU is still NIU, but how they lost to Ohio and their QB situation should make BG the clear favorite going in. If heaven forbid we lose then this UCF charade will be blamed front and center and rightfully so. Babers is under contract to BGSU and if his outside activities so demonstrably imperil the ability of his team you might have a case of his failing to fulfill contractual obligations to the university. I feel awful for the players and hope they can overcome this massive distraction.