Thursday, July 07, 2011

Temple: On the Radar

Just putting an issue on the Radar....

Temple Football Forever is reporting that Temple verbal commits are telling the media that they are being told that Temple will be playing in the Big East by 2012.

He sees two explanations...

There are only a couple of conclusions to make from this:
1) Our coaching staff is blowing smoke up recruits' butts in order to get the verbal;
2) Where there is smoke there is fire.

And he chooses #2, which I would agree with.

Now, The Owl's Nest has a couple points....

First, Temple signed a two-year extension with the MAC.
Second, it is too late to join the Big East for 2012.

Temple adamantly denies the Big East talk, for whatever that is worth.

The reason this seems to make some sense is that the Big East was out trying to get Villanova in....wouldn't Temple (especially the resurgent Temple with Addazio at the helm) be just as logical.

MAC fans, who have been nettled by Temple's football-only membership all along, will surely implode if they leave...on the plus side, BG could stay in the East.



Anonymous said...

I know you usually don't post about hockey, but what is the local word regarding future league status for the Falcon icers.

Orange said...

Well, I think the initial hope was for a CCHA-WCHA leftover merger for a nice big mid-major hockey conference. Today, there are rumors Northern is going to the WCHA, which could indicate that the WCHA wants to cannibalize the CCHA. I still think that a merger is the best thing for BGSU.