Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Falcons Move into Stroh Center--action starts quicker than expected

The Falcons moved into the Stroh Center late last week, finally closing the Anderson Arena.  There is lots of activity involved in know moving is a pain. has been documenting the move.  Here, we have an interview with Coach Orr as he pulls some papers out of a box in his new office and talks about the honor of being part of the new day in Falcon sports.

Following this link takes you to a gallery of photos, including Coach Orr (literally) getting his keys and Coach Stone pushing a hand cart.

Finally, here is a Facebook photo of Coach Orr breaking in the new baskets.  (Small, I know.)  Be assured of this....nothing but net.

Things will start sooner than anyone thought. The Sentinel reported that the Falcons will head to Toronto to play 3 exhibition games in August. The team will leave for Toronto (aka The Big Smoke) on the 16th of August, and can practice for 10 days leading up to that, which is probably about 80% of the value of the trip. Our 3 freshman can travel if their academics are cleared.

With a young team, you can sometimes do something like this to get everyone acquainted and jump start the maturation process. That little trip will be here before you know it.

We are playing the Guelph Gryphons, a group of guys, and a mystery team. All games will be at Seneca College.

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